Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enquire about a cake or cupcake order ?


You can  e-mail your enquiry to , you can call or text me on 07817 511158 or you can contact me through Facebook - Lisa Swift or Facebook Pages - Fairway Cakes.


What happens when I make an enquiry ?


When you make your initial enquiry I will ask for some details.  The date of the event, the event type, how many people are you looking to cater for, do you have a theme or colour scheme in mind and do you have a budget in mind for example.  The more information I have then the easier it is for me to design a cake for you.


What's next ?


Once I know what kind of thing you are looking for I can start to design your cake.  Once I have some designs ready, I will send them to you by e-mail along with a quote for each cake design.  These designs are for your approval and can be altered or adapted if required until you are happy with both the design and the price.


How do I confirm an order ?


When you make your initial enquiry, I will check my Diary.  If the date is free, I will provisionally pencil you in.  Once we have agreed a design and price, I will require a 50% deposit to confirm the order.  I will then send out a receipt and an Order Form  to you.  The order form will detail exactly what has been agreed both with regards to design and price.  Please read these documents carefully and make sure that all the information is correct and as agreed.


Do you require a deposit ?


A 50% deposit will be required before any order can be confirmed. Payment is by electronic transfer of funds into my bank account or cash. Once I have received your  deposit,  the booking is confirmed and your date will be saved in my Diary.


When is the balance due ?


The balance of payment is required as cash on collection for occasion cake and cupcake orders. 

For Wedding cakes the balance is due no less than four weeks before the Wedding date, again in cash or by electronic transfer of funds to my account.


Is my deposit refundable ?


Should you cancel your order with more than 12 months notice, then your deposit will be refunded in full minus any bespoke purchases made on your behalf.

If you cancel your order with less than 12 months notice, then your deposit is non refundable.

Should you cancel your order after the final balance has been paid and within 4 weeks of your required date then the balance is also non refundable.


Do you deliver ?


All occasion cakes and cupcakes are to be collected from Fairway Cakes on the agreed collection date. 


All wedding cakes are delivered to the venue on the chosen date and the delivery is included in the price of the cake.

Should the venue be outside of my usual delivery range then the cake can be colected from Fairway Cakes or alternatively, I can still deliver but a small charge will be made for mileage costs.


How long will my cake keep for ?


This can depend on many factors.  Whether the cake is fruit or sponge, covered with sugarpaste or buttercream for example.  I always try to bake and decorate my cakes as close to the event date as possible in order to give them the best possible shelf life.  Advice can be given when ordering.


Do I use all edible decorations ?


Wherever possible I make all my own decorations and they are totally edible.  However, from time to time I will need to use products which are not edible in order to achieve a particular effect. 

Starbursts are wired and fixed into plastic flower picks for example. 

Again, when I give you my design, I will inform you of any non edible decorations which have been used so you are fully aware. 


Do you cater for special dietary needs ?


Wherever possible, I try to design my cakes to suit the needs of the customer.  If you have any special dietary requirements then please ask and I will do my very best to help. 


Do you take short notice orders ?


It's always better to book ahead but sometimes this isn't possible.  If you have a very short notice order or request then please ask.  If there is a gap in my Diary then I'll be only too happy to help.


How big a cake will I need ?


This is always a little tricky as everyone has a different idea of what a portion size is.  Novelty cakes are particularly difficult due to the uneven, irregular shapes.

However, I have attached a chart which should act as a useful guide. 


4" ROUND 6 11
4" SQUARE 7 14
5" ROUND 9 18
5" SQUARE 12 23
6" ROUND 14 26
6" SQUARE 17 33
7" ROUND 19 36
7" SQUARE 24 45
8" ROUND 25 47
8" SQUARE 31 59
9" ROUND 32 59
9" SQUARE 40 75
10" ROUND 39 73
10" SQUARE 49 93
11" ROUND 47 89
11" SQUARE 60 113
12" ROUND 57 106
12" SQUARE 71 134
14" ROUND 77 144
14" SQUARE 97 183